Version 3.0.0

  • Redesign of the user interface for better usability.
  • Publish multiple styles per layer
  • Convert data to PostGIS through direct database connection
  • Publish/Export data as GeoPackage locally or to GeoServer and MapServer, as an alternative to the Shape format, which has restrictions for example in fieldname length
  • Publish locally a GeoPackage containing data, styling, metadata and context following the OWC GeoPackage Extension. This extended GeoPackage can be loaded in QGIS using the plugin.
  • Export published layers from map project as Web Map Context or OWS Context file
  • Managed workspace mode is now a setting on the server configuration panel. In managed workspace mode, each ArcMap project matches 1 service endpoint on the server (workspace
  • Publish layer groups to GeoServer and MapServer. Layers are advertised in capabilities in a similar tree structure as the ArcMap project (requires workspace mode).
  • Publish layers to GeoServer and storing data in PostGIS through direct database connection
  • Export symbology as SLD version 1.1.0 (replaces some Geoserver vendor extensions, gives better compatible with QGIS)
  • Various style conversion optimisations (border width of polygons, hashes, icon size, font size in labels)
  • Fix for removal of trailing slash in GeoNetwork metadata URL
  • Release Notes
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