Activate Bridge without Internet

The default way to start working with GeoCat Bridge is to activate it using a license key. Bridge will contact the GeoCat license server every time you start the tool to verify the key.
However, when Bridge has no access to the Internet and/or the license server, Bridge can also be activated using a license file.

For GeoCat Bridge for ArcMap 3.1.19 and older, there is one license file for each setup type, 3 in total. These files can be downloaded here.
Follow these instructions to set up a local/offline FlexNet license using shortcode activation.

Starting at GeoCat Bridge for ArcMap 3.2.0 and GeoCat Bridge for QGIS v4.1 and above, a new licensing mechanism has been introduced, which no longer requires the .bin license files above.
Instead, you need to use an activation code provided by Bridge to download a .lic file from the customer portal.
For more information about the new process in Bridge for ArcMap, please read the manual.

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