Version 3.1.16

  • Contact management - Ignore contact url if has an invalid value
  • Mapserver multiple expression fields, quote string field names
  • Layer group creation fails in GeoServer when not all the layers in the group are selected to be published
  • Update checkbox status for MapServer GetFeatureInfo selection in layers
  • Mapfile GetFeatureInfo support in Bridge CLI
  • Mapfile GetFeatureInfo updates:
    • Fix export of template fields, OID field was exported causing an issue in GetFeatureInfo requests.
    • Disable the FeatureInfo for non feature layers in the user interface.
    • For feature layers enable FeatureInfo by default.
  • Use gmd:dateStamp in MEF info.xml for the metadata change date for GeoSticker metadata, instead of revision date.
  • Fixes in Mapserver labeling expressions field names when using to shapefiles and don't use quotes for numeric fields.
  • Update Copyright info
  • Check the mxd is saved before opening the publication form
  • Export WMC - fix close button and export in WMC format
  • Improve FlexeraLicenser logging and message when no server connection
  • Use new import API for 3.x versions as provides a detailed list of errors.
  • Update old API to process error 500 and indicate the user to check the metadata privileges, as error 500 returned doesn't provide further details.
  • If a metadata publication fails, add to the publication report and continue with the rest of layers instead of stopping the publication
  • Bridge, Release Notes
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