Version 2.2.0

Multiple styles for a layer

Bridge now supports multiple styles for a layer, currently only supported for GeoServer. When a map project contains multiple layers based on the same datasource, a context menu item is enabled. The context menu item allows to configure which layers are published as styles and which layer as the layer. See section 13.4 Multiple styles per layer in the Bridge manual.

Support for group layers

Bridge now supports the publication of group layers to both GeoServer and MapServer. The layer group mode for GeoServer layer groups can be changed through a configuration parameter in the bridge.config file. The default mode is CONTAINER. See also section 13.3.3 Support for layer groups in the Bridge manual.

Managed workspace mode

A new publication mode, when enabled Bridge will create a separate workspace for each ArcMap map document (mxd) that is published. This way your datasets are neatly organized in separate service endpoints. Bridge also takes metadata from the map document and uses that to configure the new workspace. See also section 13.3 of the Bridge manual.

New code signed installers

New installers are compatible with the old installers, except for users of ArcGIS 10.4. They will have to download the new 2.2 installer, remove the old version and install the new 2.2 version. Upgrading is not possible. Note that removing the old version will not remove your Bridge configuration, this is save in the Users directory.

A number of bugfixes

  • Fix for symbology with picture symbols
  • Unhandled exception when deleting server with unsaved changes
  • Only symbology of empty layer not published, when map contains empty layer (MapServer)
  • URL not added to contact when creating new contact from metadata
  • Release Notes
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