GeoServer Enterprise 2020.2 Release Notes

Update your GeoServer with GeoCat latest distribution of GeoServer Enterprise.


GeoServer Enterprise 2020.2 provides support for publishing geospatial data using open standards.

This distribution is made available to GeoCat customers:

  • GeoServer Enterprise Standard distribution provides a web archive (or docker image) of GeoServer bundled with popular extensions backed by GeoCat long-term support
  • GeoServer Enterprise Premium offers a custom distribution with your selection of extensions backed by GeoCat extended support.
  • GeoCat Live provides a hosted GeoServer environment

GeoServer Enterprise 2020.2 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and is compatible with GeoCat Bridge QGIS Plugin.


GeoServer Enterprise 2020.2 release notes:

  • Now offering our GeoServer Enterprise Premium customers "predefined war" service with a ready to use war including your selection of supported GeoServer extensions.
  • Visual refresh with a clean appearance.
  • Built-in web-resource extension
  • GeoServer Enterprise 2020.2 is proudly open source with the latest GeoServer 2.16.2, GeoWebCache 1.16.2, and GeoTools 22.2 technologies.

GeoServer release notes:

Security considerations:

  • GeoCat recommends upgrading to take advantage of the latest security fixes.
  • GeoCat respects the GeoServer responsible disclosure policy, contact us directly to discuss for a list of known security vulnerabilities. 

Known issues:

  • GeoServer issue tracker known Issues for GeoServer 2.16.2


GeoServer Enterprise Standard

New features

  • Raster time dimension improved with support for "nearest match".
  • Advanced raster visualization with dynamic channel selection using expressions, or full map algebra using a domain specific language for on-demand raster processing
  • WFS output can now include measures, with PostGIS supporting the use of XYM and XYZM geometry.
  • Layer service settings provide the ability to control which services are enabled on a layer-by-layer basis
  • Extensive style editor improvements with a full-screen mode, color-pickers, and auto-completions for SLD 1.0 documents.
  • Web Processing Services operations for GetExecutations and Dismiss allow remote management of running activities
  • Improved JAI-EXT image processing operations respecting transparency as defined using "nodata" values or vector footprints
  • Dynamic densification on reproject is now available using an "advanced projection handling" options in WMS
  • EPSG Database updated to version 9.6
  • Server status page provides a new tab reporting  system details including operating system and cpu load
  • PostGIS performance improved from WMS/WMTS output with the use of TWKB between GeoServer and the database
  • PostGIS performance improved with full binary transfer available (use the prepared statement checkbox)

Resolved issues


Known issues

GeoCat Live

New features

  • Includes web-resource extension for the remote management of icons, fonts and text files (such as freemarker templates and control-flow configuration).

Resolved issues

Known issues


GeoServer Enterprise Premium

New features

  • Java 11 support
  • OGR/GDAL data sources updated to GDAL 2.x series
  • SLD Service extension providing REST API for data driven style generation

Resolved issues

Known issues


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