Version 2.1.0

Support for GeoPackage export GeoServer

Bridge can now use GeoPackage instead of using Shapefile to publish your data to GeoServer. Bridge can publish GeoPackage to either a GeoPackage datastore or a PostGIS datastore. Requires the GeoPackage extension for GeoServer to be installed on your GeoServer.

User layer name as OWS title

Optional; use the ArcMap TOC layer name for the OWS title in GeoServer and MapServer instead of the metadata title. Enable this option in the Bridge.config file by setting ArcLayerNameAsOWSTitle.

Set a user-agent string for the HTTP client

Optional; set a user-agent for all the HTTP request in Bridge. Configure this option in the Bridge.config file by setting a value for HTTPUserAgent.

Bugfix for error in PostGIS layer deletion

Bridge did not remove GeoServer PostGIS layers correctly from GeoServer, making it impossible to republish the layer to GeoServer after deletion.

Bugfix for error when importing a configuration database

Message of error was "ProxyServers.Host may not be NULL".

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