GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.1

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.1

GeoCat is pleased to present our latest distribution of GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.1.

To migrate from GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022 or earlier, see the Upgrade guide.


GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding catalog application providing record publishing and search capabilities to share information. Built to support international open standards GeoNetwork offers metadata editing and management with a focus on geospatial content.

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.1 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Plugin repository

GeoNetwork Enterprise is provided as a base package which can be extended with plugins. Plugins have an independent lifecycle. Each plugin advertises its compatibility with relevant GeoNetwork versions.

Plugins are available via the plugin repository.

Documentation on how to install the plugin is available in the plugin.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise documentation is now available at

GeoNetwork Technology

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.1 is based on GeoNetwork opensource 4.2.x. This version of GeoNetwork has switched the search engine to use ElasticSearch instead of Lucene, as in previous versions.

See how to Install and Configure Elasticsearch.

This section describes the main changes in this new version.

User interface

  • Home page / Sort topic categories and INSPIRE themes facets alphabetically.
  • Search page / Add option to show less facet values.


  • Fixed the metadata PDF export to include the overview image(s) when the metadata was not public.
  • ISO19110 / Fixed an error when indexing feature attributes with multiple cardinalities.
  • ISO19139 / Added German codelist translations for scope code.
  • INSPIRE / Improved the messages displayed when an error occurs in the INSPIRE validator.
  • INSPIRE / ATOM feeds fixes:
  • Fixed the management of duplicate entries in the INSPIRE ATOM feeds, causing issues in the application.
  • Fixed the INSPIRE ATOM Search service, when providing the service metadata uuid, to filter related dataset feeds instead of all available dataset feeds.
  • Fixed the INSPIRE ATOM Description and Download Services to return better errors if the required parameters are not provided.
  • Metadata indexing / Fix processing of contact information fields with special characters.
  • Metadata workflow / When canceling a working copy, the user is redirected to the approved record page instead of the search results page.
  • Record view / Display metadata user and group owner in the ownership transfer dialog.
  • Record view / Fix the metadata dates display.
  • Update the metadata PDF export to don't include the application header toolbar and footer.


  • CSW harvester / Fixed region selector in the bounding box filter to work with other languages than English.
  • CSW harvester / When a search filter is added, the search field doesn't have a predefined value.

  • Fixed a bug to allow the admin users can reset their own password.
  • Settings / New option to configure the map projections for metadata extent images, to support geodesic extents when using a local projection.
  • Versioning / When metadata history is not enabled in the settings, the Record history section is not displayed.


  • Fix issues in OpenAPI document.
  • Improve the log messages when an error occurs creating the search index.
  • Updated the search engine Elasticsearch client to version 7.17.15.


  • Jackson, Jetty, Spring Framework, Spring Security library updates.
  • GeoNetwork, Release Notes
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