How to get started with GeoCat Live

This article explains how to get started with GeoCat Live. GeoCat Live is a hosted Spatial Data Infrastructure solution provided by GeoCat. Through the publication environment (Bridge) you can upload data (PostGIS), register it in the catalogue component (GeoNetwork), expose it as OGC services (WMS, WFS, WCS via GeoServer), view service usage and performance through the Live Dashboard.

The starting point of GeoCat Live is You can register for a free 3-day trial or order your service directly. After setting up your environment a welcome email will arrive with login details.

By default the services will be available at https://{your-instance}, contact us if you want to use any domain of your preference. 

Access your services and view performance reports through your Live dashboard at

Download the Bridge tool (QGIS or ArcMap) for an easy publication experience.

For optimal search engine crawling results, register the sitemap, https://{your-instance}, at your favourite seach engines. Consult the search engine dashboard frequently to become more aware of the search behaviour of your users.

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