Dear customers,

We are delighted to share the feature release of GeoNetwork Enterprise version 2023.0. This is a major upgrade that includes an update to the 4.2.7 version of GeoNetwork opensource.

This version of GeoNetwork has switched the search engine to use ElasticSearch instead of Lucene, as in previous versions. Elasticsearch greatly improve the search performance and enables new user interface experience with improvements related to searches and filters, like:

  • improved search suggestions,
  • improve multilingual search,
  • advanced facet filters supporting displaying all the values except the selected one, histograms, interactive graphics, etc.
  • facet filters paging to collect more values,
  • search for similar metadata.

Additional details of new features and fixes can be found in the release notes.

Check the installation guide to install and details for upgrading from previous versions of GeoNetwork Enterprise on the upgrade page

Some features have changed:

  • The new search end-point based on Elasticsearch replaces the q, query end-points.
  • Sub-portals is a new feature that replaces CSW virtual end-points. See Portal configuration.
  • Metadata notifier manager, to notify external services when metadata has updated, has been removed. Extensions can be developed to support similar features.
  • The advanced search form has been simplified in favour of facet filters.

Or are not available:

  • Only the CSW search protocol has been migrated for now (ie. OAI-PMH, RDF, Z39.50/SRU, OpenSearch, ... are not available in this version). This means that GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023 can only be harvested using the CSW protocol.
  • Deprecated services have been removed. Check the swagger API to view the available services. See GeoNetwork API.

Important consideration: Before installing or upgrading to GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023, check to see if you have applications that use these services. Review the related documentation to update your applications when an alternative exists. Otherwise, stay with GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022 for now and contact us to let us know what missing features you need.

Kind Regards,

The GeoCat bv team

יום שלישי, דצמבר 19, 2023

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