Dear customers,

GeoCat is pleased to share the release of GeoServer Enterprise 2024.0.

This update includes several improvements and configuration changes:

  • Upgraded for Java 11 (Java 8 no longer supported)
  • Feature type description can now be edited when customizing feature type attribute
  • Fast polygon intersection enabled by default

And contains fixes of interest to our customers:

  • About page version and build details only displayed when logged in as an administrator
  • Java 17 support for GetFeature “lazy” count(*) performance optimization

Upgrade notes:

  • If using tile caching "disk quota" feature there are some manual steps required to change from local H2 Database to local HSQL database (used to track disk usage).
  • Configuration option ENTITY_RESOLUTION_ALLOWLIST default changed to to ogc, w3c, and inspire required by the majority of our customers. Previously this was an optional setting.

For more information on the improvements and fixes see the GeoServer Enterprise 2024.0 release notes.

This release addresses security vulnerabilities and is considered an essential upgrade for production systems. Additional information is available in our knowledge base.

Kind Regards,

The GeoCat team

Quinta-feira, Junho 6, 2024

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