Version 2.5.0

Feature: support for legend heading in SLD

Bridge add support for legend headings to SLD by adding a rule containing no style with the heading as the title.

Bug fix: data export fails when datasource contains fieldtype BLOB

Occured when exporting to shapefile. Bridge will now omit any fields of fieldtype BLOB when exporting to Shapefile.

Bug fix: image files not exported with offline export

Image files of picture marker symbols not exported when using offline export for GeoServer.

Bug fix: online resource missing in metadata of layer after publication

After publication to both map server and catalog, Bridge did not update the metadata with de online resource for the OGC Web Services.

Symbology improvement: simple markerLine symbols to close together (MapServer)

Hash line line symbols make out solid line when seperation (gap) is set to 1, Bridge will use a minimal seperation value of 2.

Bug fix: invalid SLD generated when exporting symbology with picture marker symbol with Bridge CLI to GeoServer

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