Version 2.0.9

Fix for republishing PostGIS layers

PostGIS layers where not removed properly by GeoCat Bridge in GeoServer, resulting in the inability to republish the layer after removing it from GeoServer.

Fix for shortcode activation

The shortcode activation procedure contained a bug, making it impossible to activate the license.

Improved logging

Bridge logs now all the HTTP requests and the request body's to the log file.

Fix for COM exception when publishing from layout view

Publishing with Bridge with ArcMap in the layout view mode, would result in a COM exception.

Bridge license support for Citrix and RDP

Bridge licenser for single use licenses now also supports Citrix and RDP (remote desktop protocol) environments. Instead of the physical machine the license is tied to the unique user for these environments.

Support for UTF-8 characters in layername (GeoServer)

Bridge can now work with special characters in the layername (GeoServer).

Fix for automatic updater ArcGIS 10.4

The automatic update for ArcGIS 10.4 still fails for this update, from the next release (2.0.10) the automatic update is working.

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