Version 2.0.8

Pretty format SLD in GeoServer UI is maintained.

Previously when publishing a layer to GeoServer with Bridge, the SLD would be all compressed when viewing the SLD in the GeoServer web interface.

Add margin to extent for all layers

Bridge will now add a 2.5% margin to all bounding boxes when publishing layers. This feature is configurable from the bridge configuration file. This solves the issue of cropped symbology, because the bounding box is exact same size as the data extent.

Improved handling for symbol and label rotation in GeoServer

Bridge did not handle the label rotation and symbol rotation for GeoServer symbology correct.

Improved symbology labels straight placement GeoServer

When labels have a straight placement in ArcGIS the label definition in GeoServer will get the vendoroption polygonAlign in the SLD.

Toolbar hiding behaviour improved

The GeoCat Bridge toolbar would reappear after unchecking the toolbar under Customize>Toolbars in ArcMap and restarting ArcMap. This has been fixed.

Support for symbol rotation based on attribute for MapServer symbology (only when publishing to shapefile)

MapServer uses a different definition for symbol rotation, thus requires a different attribute. Bridge will add a new attribute to the shapefile that is published on the MapServer server.

Bugfix for symbology with grouped unique values GeoServer

Bugfix for layers with common datasource loaded with the same layer name

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