Version 2.0.5

Support for transparency on pattern fill style

Pattern file styles for MapServer support for transparency.

Improved raster export

In some cases rasters were exported with mapped values based on the symbology. This has been fixed.

Bridge metadata handling for layers with readonly metadata or non-existing metadata

When Bridge is unable to write metadata of a dataset, because it is readonly or non-existing, Bridge can manage and save the metadata locally. For this you will need to edit a setting in the Bridge configuration file.

URL of the organization of data- and metadatacontact in metadata

The URL of the organization of the data- and metadatacontact are now included in the generated metadata by GeoCat Bridge.

Improved proxy handling

In some cases Bridge would not connect over the proxy configured in the options menu. This has been fixed.

Getfeatureinfo template MapServer no charset defined

Getfeatureinfo now has a character set defined.

Fix for cropped picture marker symbol MapServer

Picture marker symbols in MapServer were cropped, if an offset was used on the picture marker symbology. This has been fixed.

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