Version 2.0.4

Support for OracleNG datastores in GeoServer

Publish Oracle SDE layers from ArcMap directly to OracleNG datastore in GeoServer. The OracleNG datastore needs to be preconfigured in GeoServer

Mapserver styling fixes

  • Polygon fill style error
  • Marker line symbol support
  • Mapserver symbol size adjustment (also configurable from configuration file)
  • Set MAXSIZE mapfile in Brige configuration file

Bridge commandline interface (CLI) for MapServer

Automatate your publication by scheduling publication with scheduled tasks. Currently only for MapServer.

MapCache support MapServer

Publish map tiles with Bridge with MapServer and MapCache.

Bugfix licenser connection not routed through proxy

Bridge was not connecting though the proxy (if set) to the license server. THis has been fixed.

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