GeoServer Enterprise 2020.5.1 Release Notes

Update your GeoServer with GeoCat latest 2020.5.1 distribution of GeoServer Enterprise.


GeoServer Enterprise 2.18 provides support for publishing geospatial data using open standards.

This distribution is made available to GeoCat customers:

  • GeoServer Enterprise Standard distribution provides a web archive (or docker image) of GeoServer bundled with popular extensions backed by GeoCat long-term support
  • GeoServer Enterprise Premium offers a custom distribution with your selection of extensions backed by GeoCat extended support.
  • GeoCat Live provides a hosted GeoServer environment

GeoServer Enterprise 2.18 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and is compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.


GeoServer Enterprise 2.18:

  • Updated visual refresh with a clean appearance.
  • GeoCat 2020.5.1 distribution of GeoServer 2.18.0

GeoServer release notes:

Known issues:

Security considerations:

  • GeoCat recommends upgrading to take advantage of the latest security fixes.
  • GeoCat respects the GeoServer responsible disclosure policy, contact us directly to discuss for a list of known security vulnerabilities.


GeoServer Enterprise Standard

New features:

  • User interface workflow improved for settings with new apply button, and floating
  • Jiffle scripts now supporting multi-band outputs
  • Map projections: Goode’s interrupted Homolosine, polyconic spherical, improved Azimuthal Equidistant
  • vector tiles performance improved taking advantage of pre-generalized data store use
  • Map-box GL improved with latest dynamic expression support, function stop approach remains supported for wider compatibility.


  • Shapefile internationalization improved to respect charset encoding for DBF header, previously only field values respected charset encoding.
  • Black lives matter, replace use of word "slave" in documentation and user interface
  • Upgrade to latest PostgreSQL driver

GeoServer Enterprise Premium


  • Upgrade to to latest Oracle and SQLServer drivers

Resolved issues

  • LDAP hierarchical group search generates concurrent modification exception
  • Java 11 fix for Shapefile content, addressing NoSuchMethodError exception for ByteBuffer.clear() exception


  • image mosaic jdbc is no longer supported

GeoServer Enterprise GeoCat Live


  • UI improvements above provide a better experience for GeoCat Live users, including selecting of legend icons
  • GeoServer
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