GeoNetwork Enterprise 2020.5

GeoCat is pleased to present our latest distribution of GeoNetwork Enterprise 2020.5.


GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding catalog application providing record publishing and search capabilities to share information. Built to support international open standards GeoNetwork offers metadata editing and management with a focus on geospatial content.

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2020.5 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Plugin repository

GeoNetwork Enterprise is provided as a base package which can be extended with plugins. Plugins have an independent lifecycle. Each plugin advertises its compatibility with relevant GeoNetwork versions.

Plugins are available via the plugin repository at Documentation on how to install the plugin is available in the plugin.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise documentation is now available at

GeoNetwork Technology

GeoNetwork Enterprise is proudly open source based on the latest GeoNetwork 3.10.3 technology.

User interface

  • #3718 Allow registered users to save search queries and allow administrators to define featured searches to be displayed in the home page.[1]
  • #2876 Improve CSS to speed up loading.
  • Unify view for related records in the metadata view.
  • UI improvements to unify look and feel.

Map viewer

  • Cache WxS GetCapabilities from map services for better performance.
  • Add ESRI ArcGIS Rest support.
  • Openlayers library upgrade.
  • Improvements in map panels styling.
  • Background layer / Add support for WMS group layer.

Metadata schemas

  • Added ISO19115-3:2018 as a default metadata schema.
  • ISO19139 JSON-LD formatter (using ontology), json-ld is also embedded in html * formatter, for structured data crawling by search engines
  • Support for ISO19139 version 2007.
  • ISO19110 / Populate columns and codelist values from CSV.
  • ISO19139: improvements in language management.
  • ISO19139: Associated resources / Support remote datasets for operatesOn and associated records origin.

INSPIRE support

  • Fixes/improvements in INSPIRE ATOM endpoint.
  • Improvements for INSPIRE Technical guidance v2 support in ISO19139 and documentation.
  • Add support for batch validation using the INSPIRE Validator (ETF).
  • Fixes for CSW capabilities to validate with INSPIRE Validator (ETF).

Metadata editor/management

  • Working copy support for approved records.
  • Associated resources can now be filtered, sorted, and added support for WFS and Atom services.
  • Improvements in date picker to process the dates as UTC.
  • Use projection axis order when writing gml for bounding polygon.
  • Fix bounding polygon coordinates order.


  • GeoNetwork harvester: add search paging for better support of large catalogues.
  • THREDDS Harvester improvements simplify the configuration.
  • CSW harvester: support for BBOX and XPath filters.
  • Add the possibility to define a batch editing configuration for a harvester. Catalogue administrator needs to be able to update some information during harvesting eg.
  • Add some classification based on keywords.
  • Remap organisation name to make it consistent with local record values.

CSW server

  • Configuration of the CSW capabilities is now done using a service metadata record, see Configuring CSW.
  • Add post processing xslt for CSW results.


  • Metadata URL checker.
  • JNDI is restored as a configurable option (in previous versions it was the only database connection option)


  • Security fixes and library updates.
  • Fix an error when GN is deployed as ROOT context ("/").
  • Support for additional languages like Portuguese.
  • Support of S3 to store the data directory.
  • Proxy / Limit to URL host registered in records.
  • Shibboleth security provider improvements.
  • Release Notes, GeoNetwork
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