GeoServer Enterprise 2020.5 Release Notes

Update your GeoServer with GeoCat latest distribution of GeoServer Enterprise.


GeoServer Enterprise 2020.5 provides support for publishing geospatial data using open standards.

This distribution is made available to GeoCat customers:

  • GeoServer Enterprise Standard distribution provides a web archive (or docker image) of GeoServer bundled with popular extensions backed by GeoCat long-term support
  • GeoServer Enterprise Premium offers a custom distribution with your selection of extensions backed by GeoCat extended support.
  • GeoCat Live provides a hosted GeoServer environment

GeoServer Enterprise2020.5 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and is compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.


GeoServer Enterprise 2020.5 release notes:

  • Updated visual refresh with a clean appearance.
  • Built-in web-resource tool for remote management of data directory
  • MapBox Style extension, use the same cartography for both server and web/mobile mapping
  • GeoCat 2020.5 distribution is proudly open source with the latest GeoServer 2.17.2, GeoWebCache 1.17.2, and GeoTools 23.2 technologies

GeoServer release notes:

Security considerations:

  • GeoCat recommends upgrading to take advantage of the latest security fixes.
  • GeoCat respects the GeoServer responsible disclosure policy, contact us directly to discuss for a list of known security vulnerabilities. 

Known issues:

  • GeoServer issue tracker known Issues for GeoServer 2.17.2


GeoServer Enterprise Standard

New features

  • MBStyle module graduated to extension
  • Web resource extension
  • Manage authorization from each resource
  • Track last change of each resource
  • Map rendering improvements
  • Enabled/advertised for layer groups
  • Custom WMS dimension for vector layers
  • GeoWebCache improvements
  • Workspace specific stored queries, for virtual WFS endpoints
  • Math expressions supported in freemarker templates (used for GetFeatureInfo output ...)
  • Freemarker templates can now be used for GeoJSON output
  • WMS and WFS temporal support for GeoPackage data

Resolved issues

  • vector tile generation fix for line width
  • Layer Preview page count fixed to account for security permissions


Known issues

GeoCat Live

New features

  • Includes web-resource extension for the remote management of icons, fonts and text files (such as freemarker templates and control-flow configuration).

Resolved issues

Known issues


GeoServer Enterprise Premium

New features

  • WMS cascading improvements
  • Curved geometry support for SQL Server
  • Oracle JDBC Database Driver now included, seperate download no longer required
  • SLD Service improvements to support percentages and avoid duplicating classifications in generated styles

Resolved issues

  • WMTS fixes for SRS List handling

Known issues


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